Create your Digital Mall with Marketland Today

Give yourself the best chance of success with your own online

Create your Digital Mall with Marketland Today

Give yourself the best chance of success with your own online

The Power of 
& Jumia vendor marketplace in the palm of your hands.

Make Money From Sellers Who Subscribe to sell in your online Marketplace

Get sellers to pay you to upload & sell their products in your own online store, just like Amazon & Jumia

Make Money from Sales Commissions Whenever People Buy Products in your store

Earn unlimited commissions on sales from every product bought in your store

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Life has changed from the pandemic, have you?

Less physical shopping, more online shopping

Consumer behaviour has changed, buyers aren't rushing into physical shops as much. 50% of your whatsapp contacts are trying to sell you products, its time you start making money of that value-chain with your very own online marketplace.

Are you an entrepreneur or a regular fellow? eCommerce money is for you too.

Build your financial future

Marketland puts the power in your hands. Launching your own online marketplace is your next big idea what to stay competitive and keep the money rolling. eCommerce is not only for Amazon, jumia, konga and the other big brands alone, it's for you too.

It's as easy as ABC

An extra source of income

eCommerce is the mother of today's retail and sales, what's your game plan to position yourself rightly? You're the CEO of your life. Become the CEO of your own eCommerce brand and online marketplace for free.

All the tools for multi-location retailers to
sell, manage, report and grow

Increase Sales

Give your sellers unlimited Growth while you Grow too.

Give your sellers control of their inventory.

Give your sellers an efficient reporting system

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entrepreneurs and innovators like you.

Unlimited Online Shops

You get your own online marketplace where your sellers can signup to create their online shop, upload their products, sell and pay you for it.


You get effective analytics on your store, product and inventory management as well as accounting.


You can integrate with logistics companies locally and globally.

Access globally

Get customers from all around the world purchase products in your online store


Easy payment integration with industry leaders both locally and globally.


Accept commissions on sales and build a large multi-vendor network for sales

With our L♡ve for People,
We Power the Most Successful eCommerce Entrepreneurs.

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